Banks and Post

Opening Times for our local Banks & Post offices

Blandford Banks and the main Post Office opening times are listed below. 

To find out your local village/parish Post Office opening times, please click here

We have asked the Banks and Post offices to keep us up to date with any changes over the coming weeks and months and we will reflect those changes as quickly as they become available, however, if you notice any opening times that are incorrect, please contact us at to make us aware so we can update the times accordingly.


6 Market Pl, Blandford Forum

DT11 7EE

Opening Times

Mon - Fri

10am - 2pm

0345 602 1997


5 Market Pl, Blandford Forum

DT11 7AH

Opening Times

Mon - Fri

10am - 2pm

0800 554 1005 


45 East St, Blandford Forum

DT11 7DX

Opening Times

Mon - Fri  !0am - 1pm

01258 452619


17 Market Pl, Blandford Forum

DT11 7AG

Opening Times

Mon - Fri

10am - 2pm

0345 740 4404

Yorkshire Building


18 Salisbury St, Blandford Forum

DT11 7AR

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 10am - 1pm

01258 456044 

Blandford Post Office

The Tabernacle, Blandford Forum

DT11 7DN

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm

Sat 8am - 1:30pm

0845 722 3344

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