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Find help for yourself or someone you know

There are a number of ways to find help for yourself or someone you know that may need help, whether it be for arranging prescriptions for delivery, arranging for shopping during your isolation or simply for someone to speak to over the phone.


Remember, not everyone is online, so if you know of someone who needs help. please distribute these details to them in the safest possible way. 


Below are details of volunteer groups for everyone, if you are looking for specific help groups in your parish or village, please view the list here.


If you are either self employed or a business owner and are looking for information on how to obtain financial support to help keep your business operating over the coming weeks and months, we have collated lots of useful information to help you HERE

Blandford Town Council

Blandford Forum Town Council will endeavour to help you or can signpost you to the service you need, please contact us using phone or email address below

01258 454500 or 01258 489490

Dorset Council

If you dont have family, friends or a support network that can help you get the things you need, you can call Dorset council to get specific help and advice

8am - 8pm 7 Days a week

01305 221000

Age UK

Age UK are coordinating requests for help with issues relating to loneliness and isolation, or support in accessing items such as food, cash or medication. Requests are individually assessed according to the individuals level of need

01305 269444


Blandford Covid19


Supporting people who are unable to collect prescriptions from the Pharmacy and help

co-ordinate prescription deliveries


01258 452361

You can contact the pharmacies yourself 

'Big' Boots 01258 452824

Gracies Boots 01258 453108

East Street Boots 01258 452619

Health Wellbeing


Offering a daily phonecall from a health team member to provide a health and emotional wellbeing check - a quick friendly chat just to check then are ok. Please contact us to arrange a daily call

01258 451982 or 07968334073

Citizens Advice

Please contact us for advice on

03444 111 444

Blandford Parish


For help or assistance, please contact us via email

Blandford Covid19 Community Facebook 

Join the Blandford Covid19 Community Facebook Group to come and ask for help. Our group is helping lots of people with basic requests both physically and through simply providing advice and wellbeing to others


Blandford Food Bank

For help with receiving food parcels for you and your families, please get in touch

01258 456093

Blandford Covid19 Community

Please contact us:

  • If you are a shop or business and need your opening times added to our directory or to provide your updated details click here

  • If you are a charity or volunteer service and would like your details/donation information listed.

  • If you Have any suggestions for information to be published that would help our community.


Please also visit the Blandford Covid19 Community Help Facebook group for ask for assistance, advice or to share idea to help each other

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